Employing idea

    When you are hiring in Aosman, you will be asked, what is your harvest at work?
    we pay attention to the staff's harvest and growth,
    hope that the staff in the work of rapid response, careful sureness, full of passion and creativity,
    attaches importance to quality and service, excellent completion of work tasks.

    人才招聘Talent recruitment

    Copy planning

    1, according to the annual large-scale festival nodes, writing terminal promotional activities program;

    2, responsible for the terminal large-scale activities publicity and promotion of soft text editing;

    3, responsible for the company online node promotion and activities of creative planning case;

    4, according to the product group to provide packaging materials, writing product promotion programs;

    5, competitive brand information collection and analysis

    Event planning

    1, responsible for writing terminal large-scale event planning, programme negotiations;

    2, refine the execution flow of activities, carry out activities mobilization, training and other programs to carry out the landing;

    3, responsible for collecting all kinds of activities of the information, the activities of the highlights of packaging promotion;

    4, the leader arranges other work matters;

    Note: This post is often a business trip

    Regional Sales Manager / Development Manager

    1, to customer, competitor investigation and analysis feedback;

    2, responsible for organizing and supervising the implementation of various home improvement plans and planning;

    3, responsible for the development and maintenance of decoration Company and designer resources, and establish long-term cooperation relationship;

    4, responsible for the formation of the team and home Improvement project management;  

    5, completes the work which the superior temporarily assigned.

    Note: Development manager is the development of a regional manager

    Home Improvement Manager

    1, participate in and assist in product development, coordination across departmental work

    2, responsible for product market research, information collection, collation, preliminary analysis

    3, responsible for the establishment and management of product sales database, regularly collate sales data, form Analysis report, assist to know the sales strategy

    4, responsible for product lifecycle management, assist to develop product line planning scheme

    5, cooperate with product supervisor to finish daily work and filing, track the work progress of product project

    6, finish other work assigned by the leader

    福利待遇Fringe benefits

    Double Hugh, statutory holidays, job training, recreational activities, free lunches, five risks, staff birthdays, etc.

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